spxxxks [revised]


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a collection of music i wrote and recorded over a few months during my last term of high school instead of studying. it chronicles (though not chronologically) my awesome slow descent into anhedonia and self loathing.


released December 6, 2014

alex byrne - guitar, vocals, percussion, album art, mixing/recording

i did everything on this album and the only sounds you hear are acoustic guitar and vocals that i've edited the fuck out of to make into sounds i wanted.

special thanks to my sister han and my friends for their support and inviting me to stuff that made me think enough to write music.
thanks to ella for telling me my lyrics were good.



all rights reserved


BACKYARDS Melbourne, Australia

bad music by al

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Track Name: i wanna puke
i wanna take you out for a meal
my pills allow me to feel
i wanna be the one you like
i wanna eat you out all night
i wanna drive you round in the spring
i wanna party and buy all yr drinks
i wanna kiss you at yr job

i wanna fall in love
yr on my mind
Track Name: 031014
yr like a glint of sunlight in my eye
in the corner dressed in white
yr somewhere out of reach

im gonna put the plastic fork away
i dont want any cake
i dont want anything

sit so silent we are rocks
glance at yr bare shoulders
blooming from yr sleeveless shirt
flowers climbing from the dirt
yr prettiness covered in snow
i wanna reveal it all
Track Name: cannot touch you i will disintegrate
based on a poem by alex (me):

you are a meteor
furious and silent
and beautiful
and i cannot touch you
or i will disintegrate
falling like the star
we saw that night when
you didn't want to leave
and i wanted to hold your hand
i severed my vocal chords
preventing a trainwreck of words
and chewed off my fingers
so i was unable to upset
your night-veiled radiance
you are a meteor
crashing into my gut
like a swarm of butterflies
i am going to be sick and
somehow it will taste sweet
Track Name: spxxxks
yr hair fell like last autumn's leaves on your breasts
yr eyes candles in the light
yr laptop a lantern in the night
yr lips became stone
once winter had gone

yr skin will always belong to him

yr eyes became blindly sailing boats
that sped right through my skull
yr plate hasn't been touched
yr haunting my ghost
now yr skin and bones

yr skin will always belong to him
Track Name: we should hang out
when i die tell the reaper i don't mind
if he takes all my insides
get drunk enough to have the courage to
pry my mouth ask you out
my meteor words will crash into yr ears
"when yr down we should hang out"
if i text you and come by yr house
will you drive? will you drive with me?

that night you were like a static ocean in my head
a blacklight i am somnolently drowning in again

(yr mouth is a garden)
Track Name: mdtr
huddled around a fire
my jumper reeks of smoke now
if only i wasn't so fucking shy
i'd tell you i think you look really nice
when you wear that smile
yr cute but i'm too ugly for you

so i am sorry i just can't loosen up
i'm no fun i'm wasting my time

oh my god, you're on my mind